He claimed, with much bravado, that he would debate me “anytime, anyplace” on a radio program in California. He has yet to back up his words, of course, though he has often been given the opportunity. Today Dr. Peterson, in his customary fashion, is alleging dishonesty in how we have attempted, vainly, to get Dr. Hamblin to engage the issues of the LDS temples in a meaningful fashion. Since Peterson and others have been willing to falsely make accusations publicly, we here provide the entirety of the correspondence between myself and Hamblin since March 17, 2004 when he initiated the most recent contact between us. Further interaction can be viewed here. Most will not find anything of benefit in watching Dr. Hamblin dodge every rational attempt to establish grounds for debate, but for those who care, here is yet another example of how LDS scholars behave when invited to engage the issues outside of a post-modern “lets all just get along” context. Remember, this is not some inter-varsity dispute: these men use all of their abilities to foster, defend, and promote a system of teaching that enslaves millions and keeps them from a knowledge of the redemption that is in Christ Jesus. Those who have sought to transfer this battle from that of truth vs. error to the “academy’s” post-modern ground of “dialogue” would, it would seem, if they are consistent, have to fault the Apostles for their response to false teaching in the early church.

Update: Dr. Hamblin’s “final word” and a note from Daniel Peterson added to the above linked correspondence file.

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