We received this e-mail unsolicited. We have sought to exemplify a God-honoring approach to Mormonism since 1982. Here is why:

Dear Dr. White, I would like to thank you for taking a bold, truthful stand in opposition to the ungospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am especially grateful that you rely of TRUTH to denounce what, in light of the truth, is so clearly wrong. You see, when I was 18, I was “saved into” a KJV-only Baptist Church. One of the first Christian books I read was “The God Makers” by Ed Decker and Dave Hunt. I lived in Boise, ID which had not shortage of Mormons, and I thought it would be good to know what they believed. Shortly afterwards, I was enlisted in the Navy and left to fend for myself amidst a new world of temptations. When I was 19 when I found myself debating the 30-something-year-old Mormon elder who bunked next to me. Armed with “The God Makers,” I found myself fully unable to refute what this Mormon elder was so clearly able to prove were miss characterizations within that book. Before long, I found myself listening to this Mormon elder and believing his false gospel. I became a Mormon myself and was quickly baptized, ordained into the Aaronic Priesthood and later the Melchizedek Priesthood over the course of a year-and-a-half. When the Navy sent me to the Defense Information School to become a military journalist, I was taught some very good critical thinking skills. So, when I found another book on Mormonism while passing a Family Bookstore at a mall, I thought it would be fun to apply some of those critical thinking skills in proving that book’s premise to be false. When I left the Defense Information School, I was no longer a Mormon. I would like to thank you for your books, “Debating Calvinism” and “Scripture Alone.” I finished the former last winter and am about half way through the latter. Thanks for standing for the Truth and never lying for the Truth.

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