Here is the article I referenced on the DL Tuesday evening:

Are Mormons Trinitarians?

Quick Thought: In preparing for the upcoming debate with Greg Stafford on the deity of Christ in Tampa (click here for info), a wonderful Christian brother expanded upon a concept I had written about in The Forgotten Trinity. Specifically, some who deny the deity of Christ cite John 5 as evidence that the Son is inferior to the Father because He does nothing “apart from” the Father. I have often pointed out that this is not due to an inferiority on the part of the Son, but due to the perfection of the unity that exists between the Father and the Son. This brother put this truth in the form of a question: why can’t the Son do something that we can do (i.e., do something “apart from” the Father)? The reason makes the point: it is not due to something wrong with the Son, but do to with His essential nature as deity. That is, the Son cannot do anything separate from the Father because that would involve a disruption in the unity of the very nature of God, shared fully by both the Father and the Son. As we move toward that time of year when our thoughts are drawn to the Incarnation, think upon the glorious truth that Jesus Christ was, and is still, the God-Man, the “Lord of Glory” who was yet crucified (1 Corinthians 2:8).

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