It is great to know that such scholars as William Hamblin of BYU read my little blog. Today he sent me a note, quoting the item immediately below this one (“A True Advil Experience”), but taking Dave Hunt’s name out, putting mine in, and changing the topic to Mormonism. He then asked if I have a sense of humor. Well, I think this blog has proven that, but as I pointed out in response, humor is most humorous when it is based on an element of truth, is it not? In light of that, the comparison lacks a truthful foundation, since if my statements about Mormonism are as easily refuted as Dave Hunt’s are on Calvinism, why is it that Dr. Hamblin and his fellow scholars in the leadership of FARMS consistently refuse to do so in public debate, though often invited? In fact, the truly humorous irony here is that the parallel exists not between Dave Hunt and myself, but between Dave Hunt and Bill Hamblin: both have been often challenged to debate the issues against me, and both have declined to do so. (B^D

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