I just had this series of, well, non-videos by the folks over at “FAIR” (one of the least accurately named groups out there) pointed out to me on YouTube. We have made this radio program available for years. In any case, I find it odd that they would post this, given that Peterson, in particular, has declined every debate challenge presented to him since then. Even though he’s claimed at least once that we know of (on a radio program in California) that he would debate me “anyplace, anytime,” we have yet to get Dr. Peterson to appear before video cameras in moderated, public debate. We have tried (ask Jason Wallace up in Salt Lake). But alas, this one radio program–where he was accompanied by a second BYU professor and had Martin Tanner, an LDS attorney, as the program’s host (and callers from the Salt Lake area)–is as close as we have gotten Dr. Peterson to a real debate.

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