I guess it fits. With the political situation of Romney running for the presidency, the utter collapse of all meaningful discernment in the culture as a whole in religious matters, we should hardly be surprised that Eerdmans, which broke ground by publishing a work of LDS apologetics (note the discussion here and here), is now putting out a book on Muhammad written by one of the leading LDS apologists, a BYU professor, Daniel C. Peterson. You may be familiar with Peterson. One of the worst works of LDS apologetics, Offenders for a Word, was co-authored by Peterson (see here). This is the same man who boasted he would be willing to go “head to head” with Richard Ostling or myself on the theosis issue “any day of the week” (here is the audio clip from the California radio program he was on with Bill McKeever). When challenged to do so, he had his wife return the phone call, declining the challenge.
   Peterson’s field of expertise is, in fact, Islam. However, just as I think it does impact one’s politics to truly believe that God is an exalted man from Kolob, so too I can’t help but believe that Mormonism, with its parallel to Muhammad in Joseph Smith, must produce a rather odd overview of Islamic history and claims. Though Islam’s radical unitarian monotheism is the polar opposite of Mormonism’s extreme polytheism, there are many other parallels between the two systems, especially between Smith and Muhammad, the Book of Mormon and the Qur’an, etc. It is interesting to note that some of the first Christian writers to encounter the new religion of Islam identified it as a Christian heresy. In any case, I have ordered the work (unlike so many of my opponents, I actually read what they have to say), and will be interested to read an LDS view of Islam. My current studies, and my background, should make this read fascinating.
   Meanwhile, note the review posted at Eerdmans as provided by Jeff Downs: “The best scholarly text on the prophet Muhammad written by a Christian. A must-read, especially for non-Muslims who are interested in a solid, compassionate treatment of Muhammad’s vision and accomplishments.” – Parviz Morewidge.” Yeah, Mormonism continues its mainstreaming attempt. Makes me want to get Is the Mormon My Brother? back into print as soon as possible.

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