One of the larger “counter-cult” organizations has put out a statement responding to Mouw. I had a hard time following it at a few points, but it is much like my own replies, posted below. It has a useful citation from Millet affirming the very concept Mouw has identified as not being a part of LDS doctrine! Mouw has surely been shown to have completely abandoned any semblance of meaningful scholarship in his study of LDS theology, that is for certain. Meanwhile, Paul Owen attempted to defend his own role in the controversy (he was defending the idea of seeing BYU profs as the new leaders of Mormonism before Mouw ever got involved) over at Reformed (here’s the link). I hear Owen has started to tell folks I’m a hyper-Calvinist, too, for some strange reason. Yeah, us hypers, we are always out at the Easter Pageant of the LDS Church witnessing to folks, a common element of hyper-Calvinism. Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen Owen doing that kind of outreach? 🙂 He continues to spin ever farther out into the outer reaches.

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