Imagine being in a restaurant enjoying a great meal with your family. Your ears begin to walk over to the table behind you, as you hear the words “cult,” “church history”, “old light,” “new light,” etc. The problem is the details of the conversation are muffled. Since you know enough about the cults of Christianity, your mind is bouncing back and forth from “they must be talking about the Jehovah’s Witnesses” to “they must be talking about the Latter-day Saints.”

The reason your mind would dance this way is because both (JWs and Mormons) are guilty of what I’m calling the “Old “Edward Scissorhands fallacy” – a cut here, and a cut there, who will know and who will care. Surely you know people forget; some are just not aware of what is happening; some simply don’t care; and for some, since this is “God’s organization,” whatever goes on is good and true.

I say all that to simply peak your interest in the latest edition of the Salt Lake City Messenger (Is. 110, May 2008). Two articles appear in this edition:

“Saintly Scissors: Cutting Away of Unwanted Revelation”
This article gives a nice short run down of the fallacy (mentioned above) perpetrated by the Latter-day Saints.

The other article is by Ronald Huggins titled “Hugh Nibley’s Footnotes”, by Ronald Huggins.

Click here to read the online edition.

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