The current CRI Journal has an article by Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson on the issue of Mormon apologetics and the situation that has arisen due to the Millet/Johnson situation in Utah, and the group “Standing Together.” I was especially interested to read a number of citations that mirrored my own comments made in response to Richard Mouw’s attacks upon all of us who have labored so long to minister to the LDS people. Though I simply do not have the time to keep up a lot of “inter-ministry” contact with a lot of the folks laboring in Utah (a function of the smallness of this ministry and the breadth of the topics I address, not of any lack of desire on my part for that kind of fellowship), it was very encouraging to see that I am surely not alone in my utter rejection of Mouw’s “apology.” (By the way, the new edition of Is the Mormon My Brother, due out any day now, contains a discussion of Mouw and his actions in defense of Mormonism). In any case, I highly recommend obtaining this article from CRI. In fact, since I write fairly regularly for the CRI Journal, you might just want to subscribe. Here is the link for this single issue, and here is the link to subscribe.
   All of this to let you know that Frank Pastore of KKLA will be interviewing Bill McKeever tomorrow (Wednesday) about the article in the CRI Journal. Bill’s note did not indicate the time, but the Pastore program is on from 4pm to 7pm PDT, so you can figure it out from there. Here is the audio link. I know I will do what I can to be listening, though, it may run into prayer meeting for me. I may have to set up Total Recorder to grab the program. In any case, many of you will find this interview interesting.

UPDATE: Bill informs me that they will interview Craig Hazen of Biola at 5pm, and Bill at 6pm. I’ll be listening!

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