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Does God Forgive the Unrepentant? – The Dubious Textual Variant, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing’

A few years back I posted an article explaining the weak textual evidence of Luke 23:34a, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” This week is Good Friday and many sermons will be using this verse, so I think it is appropriate to bring...

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Beth Moore Open Letter on Homosexuality, Then A “Choice” Radio Free Geneva!

Before we fired up the RFG theme today I addressed the open letter that has been sent to Beth Moore about her views of homosexuality.  I did so because it seems others (noted on the program) seem to be attempting to run interference for her so as to keep...

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Roman Catholicism

The Dividing Line

Witnessing Resources

Christian Worldview

Answering Questions from Friends

Did an hour and forty minutes today answering questions from two friends of mine—but you will find them to be useful questions! A great deal on the topics of how Christians are to respond to changing cultural situations and challenges, and then a solid hour or so on theodicy,...

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Being Saved, Marxists Everywhere, Graeme Codrington vs. John Piper

Spent some time talking about 1 Corinthians 1:18 and what “being saved” means in like a KJVOist Nathan Rager’s NIV-tossing comments on the passage, discussed more about Marxism, and finished up looking at comments by Graeme Codrington on John Piper’s affirmation of God’s sovereignty over the CV-19 virus.

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From Claire de Lune to Jonathan Merritt to Rome’s Dogmas About Mary

Went an hour and 45 minutes today because we “covered the waterfront.” Talked about how Twitter is saying the Statement on Social Justice and the Gospel is a dangerous website (could be a technical glitch, could be purposeful), and then discussed how we can have confidence that God’s truth...

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Update/Addition to Bostock Decision Commentary, BLM’s Marxist Abuse of Language, Qur’anic Verbs

I forgot to address the presuppositional worldview issue relating to the Bostock decision on Tuesday, so I wanted to touch upon that, and then we transitioned into the play on words that BLM is using to promote Marxism under the guise of a sentence that actually only makes sense...

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Living in Two Worlds, then, A Full Response to a Muslim “Revert”

Started off with a few minutes discussing the reality that a lot of us are facing: how do you have any sense of “normal” anymore when the future looks to troubled, so difficult? Why even bother talking about theology during a revolution? Well, because Christians have done that for...

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