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The Theonomy-L Debate — Dr. Theodore Letis’ Unwillingness to Deal With the Plain Issues

The following 270K document contains excerpts from a “debate” which took place in June and July of 1995 on the Theonomy-L mailing list. I have taken the time to put this together due to the fact that I have recently been sent a couple of “lectures” by Dr. Theodore Letis in which he makes numerous […]

Refuting Bradly Mason’s Critical Theory Diatribe, Interacting on “Cultural Marxism,” Live from London

Did a Zoom based DL from London this evening (given we are using hotel wi-fi, I am pretty impressed with Zoom in comparison to Skype) reviewing the entirety of Bradly Mason’s Twitter diatribe accusing everyone who isn’t a devotee of critical theory of being supporters and promoters of white supremacy.  Actually did give a brief […]

Glory Road: The Journeys of Ten African-Americans into Reformed Christianity

Chris Arnzen hosts the daily radio show, Iron Sharpens Iron. Each day, Chris presents an hour long interview on topics that are important to Christians. For the past number of days, Chris has been interviewing the contributors to the book, Glory Road: The Journeys of Ten African-Americans into Reformed Christianity. The interviews have been fascinating. […]

Team Apologian: Two New Additions!

A few months ago I decided I could use some more help with the blog, so I began pondering who to invite to join Team Apologian. Right around that time I started noticing the amount of time, and effort, going into posts here. I had come to know Tur8infan (his nick in our channel) over […]

Appearance on Radio

   This coming Friday night/Saturday morning I will be the guest on the radio program on KKLA with Lindsay Brooks. My daughter, Summer, joined us for the first half hour to talk about her experience last semester with Dr. Carter. Then we pretty well wandered about the apologetic landscape! We pre-recorded the program since…it airs […]