One of the privileges of attending seminary is the occasion special lectures. This past Friday was one of those special times. Dr. John Carrick gave his inaugural lecture titled The Extemporaneous Mode of Preaching. He defends extemporaneous preaching, against the reading of a manuscript or memorizing the sermon.

This past semester, Dr. Carrick forced me to step out of my comfort zone of (pretty much) reading a manuscript in the pulpit. While I am not where I would like to be in in my own preaching, I have grown, and this is party due to Dr. John Carrick.

Dr. Carrick is professor of Homiletic at Greenville Seminary also also the author of The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards and his earlier work Imperative of Preaching.

The guys at Christ the Center interviewed Dr. Carrick on his Edwards book. You can listen by clicking here

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