I showed this to some folks in channel and they got a hoot out of it (click the image to see it full size). This is from Spring of 1981, the Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald at Independence High School. I’m the prosecutor there in the suit. Yup, real hair, 140 lbs., massive glasses. And check out how even the guys have Farrah hair-dos! You can tell this is 1981 because I could bring a rifle (on the table) to school and not end up in prison for life. Result you ask? 11-1 for conviction (the one was the girlfriend of one of the defense guys, as I recall). And to continue the trip down memory lane, here’s a shot of a singing group I was in the same year, this later that summer as we traveled up to Estes Park, Colorado to compete in the Christian Music Festival up there (we won!). The group was called “Liberation.” I’m the second guy from the left. Later that summer my future wife, Kelli, joined the group and stood next to me the rest of the year when we toured. We would introduce ourselves at some point during the concert and I’d always get to tell the audience how many days were left in our engagement and she’d get to show off her engagement ring. Yeah, I know, we were kids! Isn’t love grand?

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