I just looked over the list of pre-pubs at Solid Ground and four of them leapt off the page at me and said, “Buy me!” No, I’m not taking a collection. These are the ones that hit me:

A Popular and Practical Exposition of His Discourses and Speeches as Recorded in the Acts of the Apostles
This work by Eadie looks like gold. I am so sick and tired of every book on Paul today being contaminated with endless discussions of New Perspectivism (even when that view is rejected). If you are likewise looking for solid stuff written from the perspective of accepting and believing faithfulness (rather than skeptical disbelief and a rejection of the inerrancy of Scripture), you know what I mean.

   THE KING’S HIGHWAY: The Ten Commandments Explained to the Young
Spurgeon described Newton as “the prince of preachers to children,” and that’s good enough for me. If you can’t explain your theology to a room full of ten year olds, you don’t know it well enough, and given the cultural climate today, this looks like a book you might want to have around to give to new parents.

HEROES OF THE REFORMATION: Life-Changing Lessons for the Young   The description says it all: “This volume includes brief but very informative sketches on the likes of Wycliffe, Huss, Savonarola, Luther, Melancthon, Tyndale, Edward the Sixth, John Fox, Latimer and Ridley, Cranmer, Knox, Zwingli, Calvin, Farel, Alasco, Gustaus Adolphus and several others.” For the young? I can think of plenty of adults who could use that kind of example today!

JESUS OF NAZARETH: His Character, Teachings and Supernatural Works   Aside from the vital topic, I must admit my eye was caught by this one for a sort of silly reason at first: as I walk to the class I teach in the summers in Mill Valley at GGBTS I always pass a sign pointing to “Broadus Chapel,” which is at the end of the hallway of classrooms where I teach.
   So, there’s my wish list. Here’s the link to the page. Some expire tonight, some over the next week or so.

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