I like designing ties that have a particular relevance to a particular debate, so I just made this one up for the Barker debate in a few weeks. I typed up the text of 1 Corinthians 1:18-30 in the uncial font that is based upon the handwriting of P46, the great early manuscript of Paul’s letters. Only Romans 1 is as relevant to a debate with an atheist as this portion of Scripture. If you would like to see it a little better, you can do so here. Since I typed this one up myself, I made it so that aside from the necessary “bleed” off the edges, pretty much the entirety of the text is fully readable (if you read uncial text Greek anyway). Normally you only get a “swath” of the text, but by trying real hard I managed to get almost all of the text onto the tie in readable form. Enjoy!

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