I am at my office on this Saturday afternoon, typing as fast as my fingers will go, working hard to beat my deadline in finishing this book before I head to the UK. The folks in channel are probably tired of reading my text dumps as I keep them appraised of what I’m working on. But in any case, I wanted to take two minutes to thank someone who doesn’t get thanked nearly enough, since he’s always here: Rich Pierce. I’ve said many times this ministry would not exist but for him, and if anything ever happened to him, well, we’d disappear quickly (so pray for his well being!). Anyway, a few weeks ago I mentioned to Rich and Barry that I need more light in my office. My eyesight is aging, just like I am, and I need more light to be able to read the teeny tiny fonts in most of my books (how did they shrink over the past decade?). So Rich put aside some other projects and, with the initial help of Ray from PRBC, an electrician, installed tracks in the drop down ceiling. I now have some LCD spots above my desk that I can turn on and off with a little remote sitting on my desk. I don’t want them on often—they make seeing my 3×22 inch stacked screens hard—so I can just pop them on and off with my remote. So, I was just typing out some quotes from Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah and all I had to do (aside from getting out the reading glasses that I hang around my neck, yeah, the CSI-NY coroner’s version!) was reach over, pop a little remote, and POOF, brilliant white light to read by. Done typing? Click, back to normal! Yeah, I know, but such things make my life a little easier, so, thanks again to all who make such things possible (in this case, Rich and Ray, but of course, we had to buy the materials, so all our supporters), as well as to those who help make such written materials available via the Ministry Resource List as well. Much appreciated!

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