Pictures (esp. on cheapie little cell phones) just cannot begin to do justice to the sunrise this morning. I took this on my second climb up “Tower Road” on South Mountain (for those familiar with the park). It took a minute or two to get the phone turned on, and the sun is actually just peeking over the horizon in these, but I just had to stop and try to capture this. We had a strange little rain storm in the early morning hours, and even now in Phoenix it is oddly hazy and overcast and windy, so the unsettled weather produces some spectacular sunrises. If I did not have a book to finish I would do a video about the physics of why sunrises look like this—and how, if we think ourselves overly wise because we understand refraction and water content in the air and a few other things like that, we will miss the fact that the reason we find this so beautiful, so thrilling, and so “peace producing” in our hearts is not because we are merely some briefly existing random accident of nature that has been conditioned to find this “pretty.” The conditions that have had to come together for the existence of life, the functioning of my eyes, the operation of my mind, the appreciation of beauty—all together point so clearly to the Creator that it is only the most blind of men who refuse to see. But—no time! So, till then, just enjoy the pictures. I sure enjoyed seeing it.

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