Yesterday I posted a small picture of my great grandparents from 1889. Here is one of them from years later. Why post this?

Well, my father graduated from Moody Bible Institute in the mid 1950s. He met my mom while a student there. When I first began to show an interest in studying the Bible, he bought me two reference sets: Robertson’s Word Pictures and the work of one of his own professors while at Moody, Kenneth Wuest. He would tell me how tough Wuest was as a Greek professor. In those days you had to take Greek if you took the “pastoral track” at Moody, but you didn’t if you did the missions track. So it was said that Kenneth Wuest was responsible for sending more men to the missions field than anyone else.

Anyway, I had the rather enjoyable experience of informing my father of something he did not know this week. I obtained the obituary of his grandmother, and one of the things we learned was this: “Mrs. White was converted to Christ under the preaching of the great evangelist, D. L. Moody, while still in Scotland.” What an amazing thing to discover: that my great grandmother was converted in Scotland under Moody’s preaching, while my dad graduated from Moody Bible Institute at least seventy years later, and he never knew this fact of family history. Just more evidence of God’s goodness “from generation to generation.”

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