I know I mentioned it on the last DL, but I should have blogged the fact that I am out of town this week, teaching at Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary’s Mill Valley campus. Sorry if anyone tried to listen to the DL and found…well, nothing at all. Lord willing, we will be back on a regular schedule next week.


Please note the week after is going to be…insane. As the banner ads show, I will be joining Michael Brown to discuss Reformed theology on his nationwide radio broadcast on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then Thursday Tim Staples and I will be debating 1 Corinthians 3:10ff and purgatory on the DL. I will be speaking at a conference the preceding Saturday, twice on Sunday at PRBC, and Friday and Saturday evening in a conference on Islam the following weekend, and the next week I head to Georgia! Who is in charge of my scheduling, anyway? Oh, that’s right, I am.


While I am away Rich is making good progress on getting the new studio/meeting room finished. I can’t wait to shoot our first video in there. I also expect that the DL next Tuesday will be streaming from our new DL machine, too.


Speaking of the DL and our great supporters, we have put an item into our shopping cart, here. Now that we have the computer on Rich’s side of the glass updated, it is time to work on the one on my side of the glass. For about 16 months now I have been basking in the glory of a MacBook Pro, which has become my primary computer. It goes with me to the office, back home, on the road, to the debate, conference, and classroom. I am typing on it even as I sit here in Mill Valley. It is a great unit, and we want to bring it into the DL studio to become the unit I use while on the air. To be able to do that, I need to replace it with a new and more powerful unit. I do my own videos on this Mac, and the new Macbook Pros are much larger and more powerful, disk and RAM wise, than this one. We have put the above item into the shopping cart to start working toward updating my “go everywhere, hopefully survive TSA screening” main unit, and putting this unit into the DL studio. Your help in the on-going work is greatly appreciated.


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