I would like to personally thank every one of you who has written in on the “Caner Situation” (for lack of a better description). I have been overwhelmed, truly, by the sheer volume of e-mails, and by the deep sincerity, devotion, and passion, almost every one evinces. I have read them, and would love to respond to each one, but I simply cannot. Not only would I not have time to do so, but I have found that even when I do, the result is, “Oh, thanks for writing back! By the way, I’ve always wanted to ask you…” and this is followed by three pages of theological inquiry. Of course, that’s what the DL is for anyway. I can answer a question by voice a lot faster than I can in writing. Anyway, I wanted to thank all of you who have voiced your opinions, especially since the vast majority have likewise included the comment that you are praying about the situation as well. Whether you were in the 70% saying “press on, don’t let this die,” or the 30% saying, “It has gone too far, give it up,” I deeply appreciate what you have had to say.

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