I haven’t been able to talk a lot about my trip in only a month to London, as we are still arranging things, but I’m getting really excited. We are trying to arrange *two* debate on Unbelievable, and one of them may be with an anti-Trinitarian I have wanted to engage for a long time. Another Islamic debate opportunity may have opened up as well. Of course, once we have confirmation of any of these, I will let you know, either here, or on the DL (or more probably, both!).

In either case, we still need a lot more help to “pay the freight” for the trip over to London. There is a banner ad up above that would allow you to help me bless the saints in the United Kingdom (while we still have the freedom to do so!). You could help there, or by helping me with the personal computer project I mentioned recently as well. In any case, your partnership in pursuing these exciting opportunities of witness, ministry, and apologetics, is deeply appreciated.

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