OK, first and foremost, the cruise, the cruise, the cruise. Who needs that blazer and a tie? The cruise!
   Next, as I can attest from watching Rich and Dave working very hard each day in the other part of the office, many of you are actually willing to give our DVDs and CDs and books and stuff, and we are doing our best to get them to you in a timely manner. Many thanks!
   I have been noting the ministry of Don Kistler since our cruise because 1) he impressed us all so much with his presentation on buying the truth and not selling it, which was almost prophetic in light of the fact that 2) since the cruise he has been grossly mistreated by those who should know better, and I would like to see the people of God bless the man for his integrity and faithfulness in the face of undeserved adversity. So stop by and pick up some teaching CDs for yourself and others.
   Now, I’ve mentioned before the fact that the folks at Renaissance Art have made me some great leather items. A few months ago they made me a new pouch for my tablet that has a pocket for my extra batteries (I’ve started carrying an extra wireless net card in it as well). I have been using it ever since, and it is just wonderful! Here’s a picture of it. The leather is thick and soft and yet durable. If you are looking for a real unique gift, how about measuring someone’s Bible that you know they like so much and getting a real nice cover for it? No, I don’t get a kick back or anything…they’ve just done well by me, so I’m noting their good work.
   Also, I have a few items that I’ve had engraved with Scriptural passages or terms in the original languages, both Greek and Hebrew. I’ve gotten great service from StickyJ Jewelry online. I know some of you would like a particularly meaningful text on a wristband, for example, and these folks do a good job with the engraving. Check them out!
   Oh, and don’t forget to give your favorite Liberty student, or staffer, sadly, the mp3 we have produced just for them, wherein we respond to the claims of Ergun and Emir Caner and set the record straight! In fact, you can make them really happy by putting it on a nice new jump drive, or, if you are really wishing to make a hit, a new iPod, and putting it in their stocking! They will love you for it…the sound theology, that is!
   Finally, a couple of nights ago I was sitting on my front porch past 11 at night. It was…67 degrees. Yeah, it’s been warm lately even while the rest of you have been freezing. That’s warm even for us (getting up into the upper 70s during the day). I was looking across the street at the neighbor’s house and I took this less-than-perfect picture with my cell phone. The reason I took it was to illustrate Christmas in the desert, because I remember how odd it looked the first time I saw it. The lights are strung on…cacti. Specifically, saguaro cacti (suh-WAHR-oh in case you are wondering). The “lawn” is made of…rock. Yup, that’s Christmas in the desert! Now if we could just arrange a winter storm for the 24th or so. Nothing I dislike more than having to wear short sleeves to Christmas dinner because it is 74 outside.

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