Just a quick “hello” from London. I spoke five times yesterday, three at the Metropolitan Tabernacle in the morning for the seminarians (two sessions on the canon, one on John 6) and then twice at Day’s Lane Baptist Church on the authority of the Word and the primacy of preaching. This morning I did the Gospel service at the Edmonton Baptist Chapel, speaking from Luke 18 and the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. I speak two more times here in London before heading for Scotland on Tuesday.
Had a very encouraging conversation with a man from Ethiopia yesterday morning. He said he had read some of my books, including reading, as I recall, The Forgotten Trinity while in Ethiopia. It is wonderful to hear of that kind of thing! The Lord is good.
Also, it is raining here today. First rain I’ve seen in four months (Phoenix is in its longest draught ever at the moment). It’s quite nice.
Finally, my hosts decided that while I’m here in London, I needed to lose the Scottish tartan ties and look…British. So, here’s the British version!

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