It is a beautiful 77 degrees here in Sydney right now, but where did Saturday go? Oh well, I’ll get it back a week from Tuesday I suppose. In just a few hours I will be speaking on why sane people still believe in Jesus, which, given the secularism of Australia, seems an appropriate topic. I have gotten enough sleep, thankfully (5.5 solid hours on the plane, two more once I got here), so I should be fine.

Goodness things are expensive here! Even given the small difference in the Australian dollar and the US dollar, things add up quickly. I picked up half a gallon of milk to make some protein shakes to keep my food costs down, and just half a gallon was $6! Not sure how folks get by!

By the way, an unusual product recommendation for those who travel a good bit. I ran across a number of good reviews of the Jabra C820S noise-canceling headphones. I had been using ear buds, but they are hard to sleep in and don’t do a real good job. I figured with this trip, and, Lord willing, London in February, it would be worth the investment, especially since they are much better priced than most of the other models, and the reviews were glowing. Well, when I get a chance, I will add my own glowing review! Very comfortable, and goodness, talk about quiet! One of the reasons I got that good 5.5 hours of solid sleep!

Tomorrow at noon I will be debating Abdullah Kunde at the University of Sydney. Please pray that a clear witness to the Gospel will be provided and that the Lord will glorify Himself in drawing sinners to Himself.

Also! I need to make sure folks are praying toward some great opportunities this fall, including a second debate with Dan Barker in the Portland area in September, and, as of just last week, Imam Shamsi Ali has agreed to debate “Jesus in the Bible and the Qur’an” in early November back in New York (exact date and location pending). I will be in Southern California at the end of October, and a few weeks earlier, ministering in Montana. We are working on a possible debate the first weekend in December in St. Louis, I’m teaching in San Francisco in January (GGBTS) and would love to arrange a debate up there before or after the class, and then praying that things will come together for another debates series in London in February!

Thanks to all who have helped to get me here, and please continue to pray for my health, for the ministry of the Word, for the support of the ministry (still some unmet needs on this trip!), for my family back home, and for the many opportunities coming up in the Fall!

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