I am truly looking forward to the next few days as I travel with my father up to Chicago to speak at the Moody Bible Institute. My dad graduated from Moody in 1953, but has never been back, so this will be his first visit in 52 years! I am going out on a limb and predicting “a few things have changed.” I will be speaking in two chapel services and in some classes, and getting to spend some time with the students. As soon as I was invited to come I arranged to bring my father along, for I knew he would want to visit again, and what better way to return to Moody than to get to hear your son speak in the chapel services? I also had Angel put together one of his world-famous (just ask Dave Armstrong) caricatures of me and my dad for the trip to Chicago. So I’m afraid my blog will become as quiet as Eric Nielsen’s is all the time (inside joke) for the next few days, unless, of course, something happens while I’m away and I go running around downtown Chicago looking for wi-fi hot spots! Also, we might try to sneak a DL in on Friday, all depending on schedules. We’ll try to get an announcement up early enough to let you know.

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