Headed to some real cold weather this weekend, well, cold for an Arizonan, anyway! Check out this forecast! I love it! Can’t wait to meet with the folks at Covenant of Grace Church in St. Charles, and the many others who will be traveling there. I do hope the weather does not keep some from making it, though, as there will be snow! Hopefully just enough to let me enjoy it, but not enough to make travel treacherous. In any case, I will be speaking on sola scriptura this week. If you need directions, meeting times, etc., click here.
   Ironically, as I go to speak on the sufficiency of Scripture in light of attacks from secularists, Islam, Mormonism, etc., I likewise have to deal with the attacks upon God’s Word launched by the servants of Rome, such as this one I ran across just today (hat tip how2fish). I hope to find the time over the next week or so to examine this apostate’s claims (look at the meaning of the word, consider the context, abandon the post-modern mindset of “feelings before logic and truth,” should that term bother you in the least–I use it in light of the man’s self-professed apostasy from the faith he once professed) especially in that he obviously hasn’t a clue what Islam believes about the inspiration of the Qur’an. In any case, the attacks upon the ability of God to speak in Scripture are many today, so this is a very needful conference. May God be pleased to bless all who are there with the kind of love for His Word confessed by the Psalmist, “Therefore I love Your commandments Above gold, yes, above fine gold” (Psalm 119:127).
   Oh, and just as I was finishing this up, Shamgar in channel pointed me here. Heaven help us.

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