This past Wednesday I had the opportunity to preach the first time in a Homiletics class. My sermon was based on Hebrews 12:1-2. If you are interested in hearing it, and the critique from the professor and students that followed click here.

Students who attend Greenville Seminary are (for the most part) to preach extemporaneously. In the past, I have always preached from a manuscript (that’s not saying I’ve read it). This time I did eliminate things, which reduce my outline (i.e. manuscript). Wouldn’t you know it, less then two minutes into the sermon I get stuck. That because at the point, I was reading. 🙂

Here is the sentence on which I froze “But do you … from the beginning of Paul’s ministry, some … disciples of Christ were afraid of him (they wanted nothing to do with him).”

The funny thing is the missing word I could not remember/recall is “remember”!

BTW: The professor for the course was Dr. John Carrick who is the author of The Imperative of Preaching and his latest The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards.

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