Flashback to 1994. I had started riding in 1993, and got my wife into it as well. So on our 12th wedding anniversary (June 25th, 1994), what did we do to celebrate? We got up early, drove to Black Canyon City, Arizona, and rode our bikes up Five Mile Hill to the Sunset Point Rest Area, and then rode back down (yes, that’s on an Interstate, and the ride down is…amazing).

Flash forward to 2007. Twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. This time we are at sea on the Coral Ridge cruise in the Hawaiian islands, speaking on board with men like Gary DeMar and RC Sproul. So what do we do for our anniversary? Well, we did have a nice special dinner on board the ship, but the next morning we got up at…2:15am, off the ship by 2:45am, so as to be driven to the top of Haleakala Crater, from there to ride bikes all the way back down. What an experience.

So guess what my wife and I did this morning? Alarm goes off at 3:25am. High temperature in Phoenix yesterday was, as I heard, 112 degrees. Oddly, it was windy this morning, and that was actually pretty nice. We drove to South Mountain park in the dark so as to get a very early start. I would have to double check, but I think I set a new ascent record speed to the top, doing a total of 31 miles in the park this morning (and half a mile of ascent). My lovely wife did 26.2 (she more often runs the mountain than rides it, but today she was on her bike).

So what shall we do for our 30th? I’m thinking going to Colorado and doing the Morgul-Bismark run. Now THAT would be great!

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