Well, eight hours from Gatwick, another five from Philadelphia. Makes for a long trip, to be sure! But nothing spectacular to report. I did see “Eight Below” twice though. Yeah, I teared up when the guy found Maya and thought she was dead. I’m a softie, really.
   Once again, my deepest thanks to Roger Brazier, pastor of the Edmonton Baptist Chapel for his tireless support of my feeble efforts to bless the saints in the UK. Without Roger and his family I would never have had the opportunities I have had over the past year or so. Anyone who can put up with me for days on end like Roger can should be nominated for some kind of medal…or sainthood or something. Here’s a picture from yesterday of Roger and me. Likewise, Jim and Chrissie Handyside in Glasgow have proven themselves “hospitable to the saints” in every way. And my thanks to Peter Masters and the fine folks of the Metropolitan Tabernacle for their hospitality as well.
   I am going to try to post the talk I gave in Glasgow on homosexuality as well as my gospel sermon from Jeremiah 9 in London for those wishing to listen.
   I head back to work this week with a mountain before me. I hope to take a fresh run at the Ergun Caner situation and seek to reason with brother Caner on the grounds that we must set aside our personal feelings and seek the benefit of the saints. Period. I challenged him to debate because his statements are demonstrably in error regarding the Reformed faith and the consistency of being a Baptist and believing that Jesus Christ saves perfectly without needing human assistance in the matter. I challenged him to debate on the basis of a common commitment to the inspiration and inerrancy of God’s Word, the Bible. And I challenged him, personally. I still intend to seek that encounter, to the benefit of God’s people. We need to go back to square one, however. It is time to be fair in this discussion. I will present my proposal for the debate format and thesis. I will explain how the audience is benefitted by each and every element. Then I will ask Dr. Caner to please explain, if he disagrees with any element of the proposal, how his counter-proposal specifically and clearly benefits the listening audience. I will challenge him to let that one consideration guide: how will the people of God be best benefitted? We will see if he will allow thoe considerations to take precedence and guide our negotiations.
   At the same time, I must rush headlong back into Pulpit Crimes, which has taken a vacation since I got back a few weeks ago. And while doing these things, I must press forward with preparation for the other debates coming up in a matter of weeks, literally, aside from my preaching duties and the like. It is wonderful to have so many opportunities upcoming, but I feel a great weight to do my best in all of these presentations.
   So at this very challenging time could I ask all of those who regularly read this blog, listen to the Dividing Line, and utilize the resources we seek to provide to the people of God in apologetics and evangelism, to remember us at this time? Many of our regular readers are taking vacations and paying extra at the pump. Summertime can be a “lull” for many, and as a result, “discretionary” funds go elsewhere. Our ministry is very small, and hence even small interruptions are large to us. Remember that you can join us as a regular supporter and by so doing receive full access to our entire mp3 library. Click on the “Support Us” link on the left to learn more. I know it will be a great encouragement to me if Rich can tell me that a number of brothers and sisters have contacted us and shown their support in a tangible way at this time. I appreciate your consideration at this time.

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