The Ministry Resource List is a tremendous asset to me, it really is. It is a major source of encouragement, too. But it has one draw back: sometimes an item is marked “purchased” that never gets to me. And enough of these have now piled up that I need to let folks know that these items have been marked “purchased” but never got to me. If you purchased the items, you need to contact the sellers and find out what happened. The way you can tell whether your item arrived is as follows: on the upper right is a drop down box that allows you to choose purchased or unpurchased. Once an item arrives, I do my best to delete it from the “purchased” list. So, if you purchase an item, it should go onto the “purchased” list, but if it stays there for longer than you would think it would take to arrive before disappearing, you might want to look into it.

What I will do is wait a week or so to see if anyone contacts me about any of these items, and then return them to the list. It is possible that someone tried to purchase them, had a problem with the transaction, etc., resulting in their being prematurely removed from the list. [Also, two items marked purchased are still in pre-publication, so those should arrive when the books are published]. In any case, I wanted to let folks know, since I don’t want folks investing in materials on that list and then those items not arriving! Thanks again to everyone who helps in this way.

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