We’ll call him Machaira, since that is his IRC nick. Bright…no, brilliant young man from the Philippines. I didn’t have any idea that he was an anime artist, and in fact, that he does this on his computer. I can’t draw a decent stick figure on a piece of paper, let alone on a computer. This is simply amazing. Well, we’ve been talking about my Scottish heritage, and about my hoping to get a replica of the William Wallace sword someday, and visiting Stirling Bridge, Braveheart, the fact that I’m related to Rob Roy MacGregor, etc., and so…well, just remember, it’s anime!

Oh, and no, I am not in the cast of “The Kingdom of God” and no, I haven’t a clue how an ape got in there. Watching this come together, though, from rough sketch to final product, was fun (then again, I like watching the Bob Ross painting shows, so…).

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