I’m very focused upon finishing my debate notes, studies, etc., so blogging will have to wait till next week. I deeply appreciate the kind notes from those of you who have written saying you and your church will be praying for the debate Sunday evening. That really means a lot. I am enjoying the role of “underdog,” and am likewise finding great encouragement in going through each and every alleged textual variant/”error”/”contradiction” Shabir Ally presented in one of his recent debates and cataloguing the proper responses and various errors found in these allegations. My experience down through the years has truly been that as you study the arguments of those who seek to dissuade you from faith in God’s Word, your faith grows as you find the consistent errors of argumentation and fact. That is surely my experience again today. Lord willing, I will be able to blog a quick note on Monday. Till then, may God be honored and His Word glorified!

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