Ever since Ken Bleakley, pastor of the Larbert Baptist Church, contacted me about coming to Scotland to do an apologetics conference at the church, I have mentioned doing a night of “Kilted Apologetics.” We invited the folks to come in traditional highland dress, and as you can see, at least a few of the gentlemen were kind enough to join me in celebrating our shared heritage. In case you are wondering, this is a different kilt for me. My clan tartan, which you saw in the pictures from our cruise, the Buchanan, is very bright, and I ordered this one to have a little more subdued colored kilt. It might be a little easier for the wife to match this one on the formal nights on the cruise!
   My thanks to the fine folks here in Larbert for a most enjoyable time. I do hope they were blessed, and the Lord’s work here will continue to experience His blessing.

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