When I find a product, or a business that provides a service, that is particularly useful, I like to share that with my readers, since many of us share common interests. So, when I find a particular tech gadget highly useful (like my uber-secret debate weapon known as the HP TC1100 tablet pc), I mention it here (or others sneak snapshots of it during debates).
   Now, while I love techie stuff, I likewise like leather…leather Bible covers, for example, or leather covers for my gadgets. Years ago Levenger.com used to tempt me sorely, for example.
   Well, when I went over to LA for the Biola debate I made a stupid mistake. I left a metal clip attached to the inside of my book bag, and it just so happened to end up right up against the nice Levenger book cover I had on my favorite copy of the Qur’an. Just about tore a hole right through the leather, the bag was so badly beaten up by the baggage handlers. So I look at the Levenger site and they no longer offer the book cover. So I Google “leather book cover” and fairly high up I find this site. I am impressed by the visuals and the prices, too, so, concerned that my Greek/Hebrew diglot may suffer the ravages of air travel, I order a cover for it. In no time at all it arrives, and fits like a glove (the black leather cover in the picture). I am quite impressed. So a thought crosses my mind. I’ve been tremendously disappointed with the two covers I have for my tablet pc. So, I contact the same folks and ask about “tweaking” my order. We have to go back and forth a bit to get the details right, but today the brown leather cover shown on the tablet pc arrives and, of course, it fits like a glove. So, while I don’t get paid to mention it, I figure these folks are good at what they do, they ship fast, and their prices are quite reasonable. So if you are looking for a very nice Bible cover for that favorite Bible of yours (no Scofield or Ryrie versions, please!), or you have likewise discovered the joys of the tablet pc, you might try these folks out. They’ve produced some great stuff for me.

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