Heading home tomorrow morning (Lord willing, as with all air travel). Spoke at the Edmonton Baptist Chapel this morning, then had a little adventure trying to get downtown. We were providentially hindered from making it. Back last evening from Glasgow, where I spoke on homosexuality at the Reformed Baptist Church, pastor Jim Handyside. And yes, I ordered my kilt while I was there! Had a great time with Jim and his wife, despite his assertion that my Scottish accent sounds like a mixture of Pakistani and Italian.
   Mr. Compston was kind enough to give me some clearer shots from the School of Theology. Since many have never seen the inside of the Metropolitan Tabernacle, I thought I’d provide this shot which gives you a much better perspective on how it is laid out. The barely visible orange you see in the tie there is the MacGregor Hunting tartan.
   Lord willing we will do the Dividing Line at its regular time on Tuesday, 11am MST, 2pm EDT. I cannot guarantee that I will be overly lively, I confess, but I leave that to the Lord.

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