I am off to speak at two conferences on consecutive weekends in Milan, Italy on the subject of Election and Evangelism. I would covet the prayers of God’s people for safe travel and for His blessing upon the ministry. As some of you may recall, I lost the battle with a pretty nasty upper respiratory infection when I flew to London recently, and since I will be speaking over the course of three days very shortly after arriving, I hope to be able to do so in health.
Though there will not be any Dividing Line till I return, I have done my best to prepare the blog ahead of time. I have fourteen articles lined up to post while I’m gone, on a wide variety of subjects. Hence, my absence should only be noticable in the lack of the shorter, “Can you believe this just happened?” type of entries. Hopefully you will still find something useful and edifying to read here on a daily basis while I’m out of the country. And if anyone knows where to find IsoPure protein in Italy, drop me a line. 🙂

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