I have updated the ministry resources list here. If you sort the list by “priority” you can see what is most pressing. I have added three items that would be useful in the next week or so in preparation for the Barker debate. My thanks once again to all those who help in this vital and encouraging way.
   I will be picking up where I left off on the 90 minute DL yesterday in examining the exchange between Barker and Wilson on Wilson’s work on a jury in a capital murder case. Then we will look at how often Dan does what he claims Christians do, that of referring to concepts “out there” as if they have reality, something he can’t do inside his functionalistic naturalistic materialism. His consistent inconsistency is the demonstration of his entire error.
   Finally, I was directed yesterday to a depraved, sick video on YouTube wherein someone took one of my videos and cobbled together various words and phrases from the audio of many other videos, and produced a disgusting, slanderous video portraying me as a homosexual. I flagged the video more than 24 hours ago, but all I’ve gotten from YouTube is a request for proof that I “own” the original material. Remember how recently YouTube removed my video that included an obvious “Fair Use” clip of Sean Penn attacking Christians, but here you have obvious slander/libel and so far, no action at all. Evidently, if you are a Christian minister, all is fair game, especially if it is promulgated in the name of moral debauchery. Amazing days we live in. Any lawyers with expertise in libel/slander out there who would like to be of assistance? Let me know.

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