I began traveling to South Africa in 2013.  The opportunities of witness, ministry, and teaching, there in the heart of the land of Islamic Dawah have been incredible, and we can only hope the Lord will continue blessing our work in that land.  But as you know, it is costly to get there, and to travel about, and we look to our small cadre of supporters to made it happen.

As most of you know, I am an avid cyclist.  A few weeks ago I noticed something strange happening on my FB feed.  My good friend Doug McMasters was going nuts doing Sufferfest videos.  Sufferfest training videos are some of the toughest (and best) workouts you can do on an inside trainer.  We both have trainers that can be controlled by the computer, so, as we say, “There is nowhere to hide.”  When the video says you need to put out 350 watts of power—you have no choice.  The trainer will up the resistance so you have to put out 350 watts.  There’s no mercy in a Sufferfest video on a computer-controlled trainer!  You do one of those videos all out and you climb off exhausted.  But here was Doug doing one after another after another!

Well, I learned over the next few days what he had done.  He had become a Knight of Sufferlandria!  What is a Knight of Sufferlandria?  Well, a nut, basically.  To become a Knight you have to do ten Sufferfest videos (and none of the short ones count—they average right around a full hour) in a row, with only ten minutes time between them (barely time to use the restroom, change your bottle, and cue up the next video on the computer) all in one day.  Ten.  Of course, that’s nigh unto impossible.  It took Doug 12.5 hours to do it.  6,500 calories burned.  And you know how far he pedaled in that time?  250.2 miles.  In one day.  Insane, right?  Well, maybe…but I call him Sir Doug now!

What does any of this have to do with South Africa?  Well, they encourage you to raise funds for a charitable cause when you do your KoS (Knight of Sufferlandria attempt).  I thought about a lot of things, and then went, “Hey…I direct a non-profit organization, and we are doing missions work in South Africa!  Why in the world would I not combine this outrageous effort with raising funds for that work?”

So, here’s the scoop:  my KoS is Monday, March 16.  I will hit it at 6am MST (9am EDT), hoping to wrap up, if all goes well, around 6:30pm Monday evening. If you would like to encourage me in my attempt, or just want to help send me to Africa (for whatever reasons!), you can give toward my KoS at our travel link, found here.  Any help would be deeply appreciated, and I promise to work my hardest on Monday as well!


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