Now, you have to look real, real close, but see how excited I look. I’m pointing at Nessie! She’s right there! Some of you have been… somewhat dubious, I’m afraid, but all you have to do is look (with a little imagination!). Pastor Roger Brazier snapped this one at Loch Ness. Pastor Jack Seaton (he wrote the booklet for Banner on Calvinism) had run us out to the Loch while we waited for the mill store to open so I could load up on Tartan Ties before Roger and I flew back to London later that morning.

And here is my English family, the Braziers. Not only are these faithful folks laboring for the Lord there in London at the Edmonton Baptist Chapel, but they proved their faith by being my English Samaritans, you might say. I mean, here I am, a man of strong Scottish descent, who often reminded Roger of the Battle of Sterling, and despite that, he and his lovely wife Priscilla and their son Justyn took wonderful care of me in my sickness, bringing me a doctor, medicines—goodness, even a box of Krispy Kremes! They bore with my physical weakness with tremendous grace. Priscilla became my English “mum,” dutifully scolding me, if need be, when I did not follow her wise directions on how to get better. Justyn went far out of his way to be of assistance, even bringing me the Star Trek editon of “The Weakest Link” (Jordie just edged the Doctor 5-4 in the final round, winning answer “antebellum”). I’m sure my presence was a great disruption for all of them, but I never heard a word of complaint. Priscilla said I must bring my wife Kelli next time so they can go “accessorize.” I’m not completely sure what that means, but Roger assures me it isn’t good.

It was a wonderful reminder of the supernatural nature of our unity in Christ that Pastor Brazier and I got in his car, headed out of Heathrow, and were chatting like long-lost brothers who were just now getting back together again. The ease with which we talked of the things of the faith, the state of the church, etc, and the brotherhood of faith we shared was just another example of how Christian unity is based upon the Holy Spirit’s mutual presence in our lives and the resultant communion based upon truth that comes therefrom. I have thought upon that during these hectic days since my return especially in light of all of the hoopla around the “we wish we had a Pope but we don’t so we will drop the centrality of the gospel and sorta join the movement” wave of religious insanity that has washed out of our collective television sets. I hope Roger doesn’t mind my saying, but it is examples like him—steadfast in ministry in a small church there in London, godly family, a warm and compassionate heart—that is so very encouraging to me at times like these when the incoming shots from Catholics and “Protestants” show such animosity. Indeed, I thank all of those who have written notes of encouragement (there have been many). I do receive them, and thank you.

Pastor Brazier just asked when I will be back for round #2! I do hope the Lord will open that door far sooner than later! Now, how do I work in a trip to Sterling?

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