Back to Phoenix (I hope whoever rifled one of my checked bags at JFK and stole one of my Flip Video cameras, with half of the footage of the Silverman debate last night, enjoys watching the debate on their stolen camera—and no, I can’t see that they took anything else, but, having been the victim of theft in the past, I realize it sometimes takes a while to realize other items are missing. My hope is whoever it was had to keep it small which is why they did not take other things in the bag). You know you are traveling too much when you do not even bother putting your luggage away upon unpacking it. I head out to Santa Fe for a double-header with Robert Sungenis a week from Thursday evening (the debates are on Friday). I appreciate Jamin Hubner’s comments on last night’s debate. It was—educational! Mr. Silverman wishes to take me up on my invitation to debate the origins of Christianity (he holds to the Osiris, Dionysius, “all borrowed from the pagans” theory that is so easily demonstrated to be false). But first I need to send him my debate with Dan Barker on a similar topic. Be that as it may, the encounter was enlightening, and I am glad Jonathann Weingarten, who video taped both debates, has a good recording of it. The audio should be outstanding on last night’s debate, since he was able to plug directly into the sound system. I note that the live streaming quality was outstanding as well, due to my finding a setting to greatly enhance the volume. The location was perfect (easy to get to, the room is perfect for debate). All in all a great evening. Many thanks to Chris Arnzen, Dan Buttafuoco, Jonathan, Brian, and everyone else, for making the weekend possible.

I barely have 48 hours from the time I get home from the Sungenis debates before I will be teaming up with Michael Brown to debate Sir Anthony Buzzard and Dr. Good on the subject of Trinitarianism vs. Unitarianism. That should be quite the evening (Tuesday the 14th). I then have about ten days before doing a Skype debate on ABN, hopefully with Abdullah Kunde (the current name given to me as my Islamic opponent that evening). So as you can see, I don’t have a moment’s rest for the foreseeable future! Lots and lots of study and preparation, on a very, very wide range of topics (which makes it all the more challenging). I do get about three weeks “off” without a debate before the purgatory debate with Sungenis in Oregon, but then I only have a matter of days before heading to Lima, Peru! I’ve scheduled a return to both St. Louis and Detroit in early December, doing the Jesus or Muhammad Marathon again, live, on ABN. Don’t forget the Polemics class in January, and please be praying about joining with us to get me to London in February. I have a complete breakdown scheduled for March!

Now I think I will go look for a more secure roller bag with big TSA compliant locks…

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