I was contacted yesterday about a problem with my upcoming trip to Dallas for a debate with James Anderson, a very kindly and, in my few interactions with him, reasonable and thoughtful Oneness advocate. We had arranged the debate because I was going to be speaking at the Psalm 119 Conference with Todd Friel and Phil Johnson and others. Well, as we all know, Phil has had to cancel all his speaking engagements for the foreseeable future, so he wasn’t going to be able to make it. Issues arose that likewise have precluded my participation.

I do hope all those who are planning to attend Ps119 will still do so, as it will undoubtedly be even better without a crusty old bald apologist there. I will still be in Delaware and Detroit in October, Zenia, Ohio in November, and St. Charles, once again, the first weekend in December, as always. Then don’t forget the ministry in Hephzibah, Georgia, the week after, along with the debate with Anthony Buzzard.

[This is an edited version of what was previously posted.]

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