I just saw someone responding to Malcom Yarnell (@myarnell) repeating some more slander from Peter Lumpkins (@SBC_Tomorrow), a man who has proven himself recently to have no interest in truthfulness or honesty (a shame, since he claims to be a Christian leader). What was once somewhat amusing (his constant repetition of the “hyper-Calvinist” label, etc.) has become somewhat pitiful when you see how low he has to stoop to create attack pieces. Lumpkins has been one of Ergun Caner’s primary defenders—well, ok, he hasn’t defended Caner on anything at all, but he has done all he can to blow smoke so as to distract folks from realizing that Caner has yet to answer the mountain of documentation that has been posted regarding his numerous false statements. In any case, Lumpkins has just posted this attack upon me using a clip from a video I posted on August 29, 2008. Here is the video Lumpkins produced, editing my original video (which is nearly 20 minutes in length) down to 92 seconds:

James White on Jerry Vines from peter lumpkins on Vimeo.

Now, notice how Lumpkins attempts to distract you by adding text, text which does not match what I am actually saying. He wants to distort my words. What I said was that discussing the love of God is a dangerous topic for me to address due to the traditions people have about the subject. But that is not enough for Lumpkins. He changes the entire meaning of my words by changing “address” to “preach.” Here is the original video, check it out for yourself:

Now, notice how Mr. Lumpkins, without editing the audio, has lied about what I said. I never said it is dangerous to preach the love of God, hence, his entire post is a gross caricature, beneath any serious Christian leader. I said this was a dangerous subject to address, and I then explained why: people have strong emotional attachments to their own traditions on that matter. I expanded upon this for almost 20 minutes. You will notice Lumpkins links to Vines’ sermon, but he does not link to the original video he has edited and misrepresented. He seems to be hoping, I imagine, that people would not take the time to look for themselves. Anyone who does knows Lumpkins has twisted my words.

I can only suggest that Mr. Lumpkins’ withdrawal of his article and the posting of a notice of repentance and apology would be sufficient to rescue what little credibility the man has left. Otherwise, he needs to be marked out as the troubler of the brethren, in accordance with Romans 16:17-18. Meanwhile, I invite Malcolm Yarnell to view the actual video and withdraw his support of Lumpkins’ deceptive assertions. Simple Christian integrity is, once again, a rare item in some circles these days.

With that, I am….thankful it is easy to document blatant and deceptive dishonesty.

Update Mr. Lumpkins refuses to repent of his dishonesty, like others we have documented of late. He admits what he put on the screen is not what I said, but attempts to obscure this little ray of honesty by saying I misquoted myself(!) and that it was the “approximate” meaning. The inanity of the deceiver caught by documentation is sad to observe, but it is there nonetheless. Here is his comment. I can only conclude that he is unwilling to receive correction or to be truthful, and hence needs to be marked out as one of those troublers of the brethren noted in Romans 16:17. Of course, that would require his church to accomplish, and I am doubtful that is going to happen, but for me, and anyone with the slightest ability to discern facts and motivations, Mr. Lumpkins has shown himself unworthy of further notice.

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