It sure has been hot in Phoenix lately, and now the humidity is starting to inch upward, indicating the beginning of the monsoon flow. The humidity has increased four-fold this week. I know, in comparison with places like New Orleans, we are still as dry as a bone, but 115 feels a lot worse with four times the humidity, believe me.

The increase in the “icky factor” will be curtailing the miles I will be able to continue to rack up…on my bike. Yes, for those who know my history and know that from May of 1993 to September of 1998 I was a hard-core “roadie” (yes, I have continued following Le Tour), racking up 29,500 miles during that time, you also know I got off the bike in late 1998 and hit the weights. Well, I’m back on the bike, and am headed back down the weight scale–not as fast as I’d like, but I’ve already seen major aerobic improvement (decreased resting heart rate, body fat percentage, increased aerobic capacity, etc.), and with the ride I hope to get in this morning (planning on 31 to 33 miles), will rack up a second week above 100 miles ridden. Lord willing, I will pass the 30,000 miles mark late this coming week. It feels great to be back on the road. They have improved a lot of cycling gear over the past seven years, that’s for sure, and with mp3 technology I can also help to redeem the time on the bike by studying for upcoming duties/teaching/debating/writing.

I mentioned a really exciting book project a few weeks ago, and all I can say right now is that it is a “go,” I just can’t really go into any details. As soon as I can say more, I will.

For those in the Chicago area: I have been invited to speak in the chapel at Moody Bible Institute September 21 and 22 of this year. I may get to speak in a few other venues there at MBI as well. I am really looking forward to meeting the fine folks there. I’ve never been to MBI, but I’ve always felt a connection, since my father graduated from MBI in 1953, and my parents met while he was a student there (married shortly after his graduation). I have arranged for my father to come with me, as he has not had the opportunity of returning to his alma mater since his graduation fifty two years ago! So, it will be quite a trip for both of us, Lord willing.

Finally, I am putting together an article for the blog in response to a brief discussion of Romans 9 by Catholic apologist Art Sippo. It is so rare to get these folks onto proper ground for real examination, but here we are given a chance to test the exegetical capacities of a faithful servant of Rome. There is even a point where Dr. Sippo ventures into Greek grammar. I hope to get the series up next week.

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