Yes, I am officially retiring…from tennis. There was a day, more than two decades ago, when I could give anyone a run on the court. But I played Mike O’Fallon yesterday morning, and it was terribly frustrating to know what you should do but simply lack the ability to do so. But then the true idiocy exploded when I played again this morning (two mornings in a row). I never work the same muscle in lifting two days in a row, so why I didn’t see this disaster heading my way, I do not know. To make a long story short, I am a walking sports injury clinic today, and my chiropractor put it quite well, “Get off that court! Don’t make me come after you!” Sprinting, stopping, twisting, turning…not the wisest stuff to be doing if you do not wish injuries. Anyone have a recumbent bike you would like to sell for the benefit of the cardio vascular health of a bald apologist?

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