When I got back to my office tonight after church someone in channel directed me to this blog post. Now, I must admit, I couldn’t follow most of the post. It sort of…wanders a bit. But I loved how it started out:

This may be a warning that James White may soon be as wacky as your typical so-called Reformed Baptist.

Now, I truly have no idea who this person is, but, it is a great example of why it is always best to check your facts before you hit the “post” button. As most know, I’ve been a Reformed Baptist for twenty years. I’ve been an elder in a Reformed Baptist Church for ten years. But it is comforting to know this fellow has my best in mind. Of course, his confusion is not limited to being utterly ignorant of who I am. The next line is even worse:

[As a clarification, Reformed Baptist have this tendency to believe (or at least act as if they believe) that one can by logical argument convince someone against their will to be a Christian without any assistance from the Holy Spirit.]

Once again we are left stuttering and wondering “how can someone get it so completely wrong?” One is tempted to think that this is meant to be a humorous post, but, alas…I don’t think so. Just in case anyone is confused, no consistent, thinking Reformed Baptist believes anyone can be converted by logic alone. All Reformed Baptists believe regeneration is the sovereign work of the Spirit, of course. He may well use means, but it is a sovereign work of grace.

The rest of the post will leave you just as befuddled, I confess. It is truly interesting to look around the web once in a while and wonder at what you find.

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