I know I risk offending (without cause) the far left here, but yours truly is a Life Member of the NRA, believes the 2nd Amendment is perfectly in line with God’s command for men to protect their wives and children from those who would prey upon them, and enjoys that (very, very rare) opportunity to get out of the city and “subdue the earth” in company with family and friends. I do not have time to be competitive, but I’ve been shooting for enough years to know what I’m doing. Today my son Josh and I went out and set up a pistol combat scenario with three targets at combat range. It’s a way to practice quick acquisition of a second target after firing at the first, etc.; a way to increase one’s skill and improve one’s concentration. Anyway, I was using my Glock .45 ACP, and Josh his Glock 9mm. I had brought along the gun my wife calls “Roger Rabbit,” since it is so massively huge, my S&W M500, and thought I’d try it in the same scenario. The M500 is the most powerful production handgun on the earth, and it was surely not designed for quick target acquisition in a 7 to 12 yard scenario. However, this gun can drive tacks, it is so incredibly accurate (it is firing a 440 gr. slug at almost twice the velocity of a .44 Magnum), and for some reason, I just don’t miss with it (ask the heretical watermelons I dispatched the first day out). So I was properly pleased when not once, but twice in a row, I completed the combat scenario with one-shot “kills” on each target. Here’s a shot of the 12 yard target. Too bad this beast is about as carryable as a suitcase.

Oh, btw….

Kelly Powers has commented on my using his eisegetical comments on John 6:37ff and complained I didn’t link to him. Here are his comments. You will find him to be a younger version of Dave Hunt. Nothing exegetical here, so we continue searching for that, but I wanted to mention this in passing….I’ll try to remember to comment some on Tuesday, but I just want to reiterate what I said on the DL: I replied because someone came into channel, dropped the URL, and left. Powers specifically mentions me and my position on John 6, and hence, it is a useful way to examine the common errors made in the argumentation of anti-Reformed rhetoric. Powers accuses me of only playing “clips” of him, but, oddly, if he would listen to the program, he would know that I have so far played him in totality. How do you misrepresent someone when you play their entire comments? He says he will debate, but only in PalTalk. I’ll let the listener and reader decide.

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