A brief, but important, word to our brothers and sisters who support our work.
   I have been greatly encouraged by the many kind words I have read concerning my work in Islam, for which I am truly grateful. As I look at my calendar for 2008, I see eleven trips out of town, with five possible debates. Five. That’s an incredible schedule already. Let’s drop doctoral studies on top of all that, just for the fun of it! Yes, some folks think I’m nuts.
   The only way I can keep up with the demands heading my way is to use the technology that allows it all to happen. At the same time, to do the kind of work I will need to be doing I need to continue building my reference library, and in this case, obtain some very expensive facsimile volumes. Why not just go to the library? Because they aren’t in the library, at least, not within a thousand miles of me, anyway. Even if I could find the resources I need in one place, often the kind of study I am doing would require repeated reference of the materials, which you can’t do when you are only visiting a library far away and then must return home. Further, to keep A&O active in other areas requires my presence here, doing the DL, making videos, etc. Besides, just as I continue to grab research materials I obtained on, say, Mormonism over two decades ago and put them to use today, this kind of material will be used over and over again in this ministry. In fact, you, our supporters, will have the benefit of seeing this material right here on the blog, placed in a meaningful context and its relevance made clear, so as to equip you for the task of apologetics and evangelism.
   The vast majority of our readers are regular folks who give smaller amounts on a regular basis. That’s how we keep the lights on and the bills paid. But a few prefer to meet specific needs, larger needs. And it is to those I address myself now.
   I am seeking to add a series of highly valuable resources, directly relevant to my doctoral studies, to the ministry library. These are first-rate, highly valuable resources that are, to put it mildly, rare. Along with these resources it is our desire to upgrade the tablet pc so that it can be both my presentation computer and function as my full featured laptop while I am on the road (for many reasons, two being we use the laptop as the Dividing Line computer and the other is the great joy that comes from trying to get two computers through screening at the airport each and every time I fly!). I do not have assistants who travel with me: it is just me and my computer, so having one that does double duty would make the many trips facing me this year much easier. So if you would like to have a part in helping to meet these two needs, please contact us. You can call and talk to Rich, or e-mail. In any case, I greatly appreciate those of you who desire to partner with us in this important work!

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