I had lunch with one of our channel regulars today. He’s a student at Grand Canyon University, my alma mater. He was looking through a book sale at the library, and found a 1985 yearbook, and looked me up. Bought it for me for 60 cents. I couldn’t really afford the yearbook when I graduated from GCU, so, I got my yearbook today–20 years after graduation. So, I’m looking through the book over lunch going, “Good night, why on earth did we all wear these massively huge glasses and feather our hair?” I mean, we were wearing windshields! Just amazing. Yes, that’s me. That’s my hair. I can still grow the beard, anyway. I stayed that skinny until 25, then…well, anyway.

Now here is another picture, this the staff of the Christian Studies Department. From left is Dr. Mike Baird, who lost a lot of that hair over the seven years of teaching me Greek. Then Dr. Clark Youngblood. Baird and Youngblood are still teaching at GCU. Next is Dr. J. Niles Puckett. I got to take a few Greek classes from him. Why do I mention this? Because he studied under William Hersey Davis, the student of A.T. Robertson. He was a wonderful, godly man who passed away only a few years ago. And on the right is D.C. Martin. Wow, could I tell stories about Dr. Martin. The low “A” in his classes was a 96. You either loved D.C. or hated him. I learned so much from him. I still see himself in my own teaching twenty years later. I don’t recall weeping more profusely at any time than at his memorial service. What a wonderful testimony he left to God’s grace. It’s great to remember the men God has used to form us and guide us.

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