This post is more personal than what you usually see on the site, and if you are disappointed, I do apologize; but I am asking for your prayers for a man named Donald. Donald (who is a believer) is the father of my wife and was recently diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease.

At this point, many of his muscles are simply not working. We are grateful he continues to breath and swallow as normal (at least from what we can tell) and his mind is working fine. There are many issues needing to be addressed and difficult decisions to be made in the next couple of weeks.

Donald is 76 years old, married and has three grown children (one being my wife). Please pray that the Lord will minister to him in a special way and that good decisions will be made, sooner rather than later. We are also asking the Lord to open up a door so that our family can move back to Pennsylvania to help.

Here is some information about this disease.

Jeff Downs

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