There is a young couple from my church in Wisconsin who flew to Haiti to minister at an orphanage. It was one hour after they landed that the earthquake hit. Please keep them in your prayers as they now minister in ways that they were not expecting.

Dear Moms and Dads and Pastors (Jan. 12)

Please pass this info along to everyone who may be worried. The earthquake was scary but the building held up fine. We even have internet at the moment. But we may not later. So don’t worry if we don’t write back soon.

We have plenty of water and a large pot of rice and beans, snacks and medical supplies

The earthquake hit about one hour after we landed, we were on the road about 1/3 of the way to the guest house. It took two hours of driving through rubble and by many large collapsed buildings to get to the guest house. (I saw at least 6 bodies of those killed by the street, but there must be thousands thoughout the city) I went with Jason to see the two orphanage building, and both are intact, on generator power, and the kids are safe. The streets are crowded because everyone is scared to go inside, but we are in a strong building. We don’t know what the plan is from here, but we will do what we can to help tomorrow and take it one day at a time.

Thank you for your prayers, we will try to stay in touch.


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